I recently installed work at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport by the Information Counter.   Three separate cases – one with a saxophone sculpture, one with 5 “frit” vases, and one large case with many glass instruments.   The colors and images looked great, and  comments were quite favorable.  Brian Jones also installed 5 of his jazz paintings on the wall behind.

Upon driving home, and contemplating the show, I realized how the creation of many of these works had to do with the serendipity of creation – pieces that are unique may sit in my studio for a while, and then the light bulb flashes, and I begin to incorporate them into a new material reality.  Creating objects in one work day, and pairing them with other parts of my works another day – the continuum of the evolution of the series unfolds.   Seeing so many of the finished works assembled, allowed me to step back from the process, and realize that it is in the rolling up of sleeves, and nurturing the “wonder” of creation,when the art completes itself, that the bigger picture is seen.

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