The Every Changing Creative Process

It never ceases to amaze me how trying to rectify one “mistake” can open the door to new possibilities. Sometimes I will try creating a fuseable piece in expectation that it will create a certain result. After baking in the kiln for 10=14 hours, when I come back the next day to enjoy the fruits

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Real Timely

My son recently expressed an interest in learning my craft, so I jumped at the chance to fill him in on the details of some of the fine points of my 42 years of experience.  He is into the CLE idea, so we made some etched glasses, which in turn inspired a fun T-shirt.   And

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CWRU Annual Vendor Fair 2015

The CWRU (Case Western Reserve University) Annual Vendor Fair 2015 on Oct 20th was an unusual opportunity for me, as an artist, to be in the mix with all of the hotel chains, food suppliers, and scientific concerns that are involved with the infrastructure of helping Case Western to function at a high-level. I have already

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